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Katie - background to the PhD
Name: Katie
PhD discipline: History
Area(s) of work: HR; primary school teaching; full-time mother; freelance writer
Year of graduation: 1999
Date of Interview: 23/06/2008

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Katie outlines her education before the PhD.

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Please will you tell me when you completed your PhD and how many years it took?

Er, I completed it in 1999 towards the end of '99 and it took three years but I'd done an MA before that which obviously fed into the PhD.

How old were you when you started?

Twenty-two, I'd gone straight from doing the BA MA and PhD, starting it all at 18.

And did you do the bulk of it full-time or part-time?

All full-time.

And did you get any funding?

Yes, from the British Academy.

Did you work before you did your PhD?


Did you have to over come any major obstacles before embarking on the PhD?

Erm, obviously the funding was critical, if hadn't had got the funding then I wouldn't have been able to do it, but I was determined to do it so if I had had to take some years out to fund myself or to reapply then I would have done  that. There was er, I guess there wasn't a huge amount of moral support for doing it in the same way as there was for the undergraduate one, I think family and friends rather presumed that you should be going out and getting a job now you're a graduate and have got a degree and they couldn't quite understand why I was staying on to do the PhD, so there was a bit of that but that's I suppose about all.

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