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Tim - did you anticipate an academic career after PhD
Name: Tim
PhD discipline: History/American studies
Area(s) of work: Academic research support administration
Year of graduation: 2000
Date of Interview: 19/06/2008

Now Playing: Tim - did you anticipate an academic career after PhD
Tim recalls looking forward to an academic career, but with realistic expectations.

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Did you have any expectations of an academic career when you embarked on a PhD? 

I think I hoped rather than expected. People were quite good - I mean professors and people in the department - were quite good at saying not that many people will get an academic career, or move into an academic career, as a proportion of people that start a PhD, so there was an acknowledgement then that it wasn't going to be easy but I think I was certainly hopeful for quite a long time that that's the career route I was going down.

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