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Katie - teaching during the PhD
Name: Katie
PhD discipline: History
Area(s) of work: HR; primary school teaching; full-time mother; freelance writer
Year of graduation: 1999
Date of Interview: 23/06/2008

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Katie explores her pleasure in teaching during and since the PhD.

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Did you undertake any teaching?  

Yes, I did a lot of teaching actually because my supervisor actually contracted pneumonia early on in my teaching er PhD, so they were looking for someone quite early, perhaps earlier than I would normally have taken on a teaching job, I probably would have waited until the second year but I actually took it on in first year and did quite a lot. The general courses and then their specialist course as well.

Was that daunting?

Err, yeah, it was nerve racking, especially since it wasn't that long since I was the other side of the desk kind of thing but equally it was one of the big things I wanted to explore because I did think that perhaps I'd want to teach in some capacity and so it was going to be quite interesting to see how I enjoyed that or not, whatever, and I absolutely loved it. And sometimes I actually loved that more than doing the research and the writing, especially early on because of course you don't have a lot to produce in terms of writing or get any real satisfaction from the PhD so the teaching actually gave me that during that first year.  

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