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Caroline - PhD experience
Name: Caroline
PhD discipline: English Literature
Area(s) of work: University teaching; media; business (property management)
Year of graduation: 2001
Date of Interview: 24/06/2008

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Caroline summarises her PhD experience as positive and rewarding.

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What was your PhD experience like?

I would say that on the whole it was overwhelmingly positive. There were times of absolute terror. I think at some point I didn't really believe until my graduation that I had the brain to do it and I think there my supervisor was enormously helpful because he did do a lot of confidence building. On an intellectual level it was very satisfying. Although I'm a slow reader and it takes me a while to work out what I think about a text I did find it very interesting on an intellectual level. There were aspects of the work that were quite difficult. Some of the philosophical work, the literary theory was frankly difficult and in fact I knew that I wasn't alone in finding certain writers difficult because these names would come up in conversation over coffee with other people in my field about certain people who were quite impenetrable or whose writing was no doubt very clever but not easy to understand and so on. But I think it's fair to say that my PhD research was the most satisfying study I've ever done in my life and although it didn't lead to a lecturing position in post colonial literature I'm very pleased that I did it because it was very rewarding in other ways.
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