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Marie - expectations of where the PhD might lead
Name: Marie
PhD discipline: History
Area(s) of work: H.E. lecturer; secondary school teacher
Year of graduation: 2004
Date of Interview: 12/06/2008

Now Playing: Marie - expectations of where the PhD might lead
Marie discusses how her expectations changed during her PhD.

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Did you have any idea, before you started on the PhD, where it was going to lead you professionally? 

No I've kind of always enjoyed working with young people, so schools might be an obvious thing, but not specifically decided no.

So you didn't have any clear idea of what would happen at the end of the PhD or what direction you would go in?

No nothing specific, I mean the idea of a lecturer at the start was quite a nice idea but I hadn't really thought it through I didn't really know what they did on a day to day basis or what it would consist of or how competitive it was, so I just thought I'm going to enjoy my life, enjoy playing football and get this under my belt.

And did you feel that you would think about your career after a PhD, a little bit later on?

Well, I got to my third year, and my tutor was really encouraging me to go down the academic route so I did apply for a couple of jobs, but then at the same time I also applied for a school job, kind of just to see how I'd get on – to see if I'd get rejected straight away and I was offered a maternity leave for that, went into teaching for a term and though yeah, this is what I'm about, this is what I want to do.

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