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Marie - employer attitude to the PhD
Name: Marie
PhD discipline: History
Area(s) of work: H.E. lecturer; secondary school teacher
Year of graduation: 2004
Date of Interview: 12/06/2008

Now Playing: Marie - employer attitude to the PhD
Marie explains the value of her PhD to her employer and how it is viewed by her colleagues.

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How do you think your PhD is regarded by your colleagues and your employer? 

Colleagues and employer – well it definitely helped me get this job um rightly or wrongly. Boarding schools, independent schools like titles, they like to print in their sort of um term books, so I certainly think that gave me a big advantage in getting this job.

Do you feel that your colleagues have any expectations of you?

I think they expect me to give a few more seminars than I do because I can't stand … once I finished my PhD, that very much was it in my eyes um and I think there is a slight 'perhaps you should be doing a bit more research in the holidays and stuff' but I'm just not personally interested in doing that, but that's the only slight negativity.

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