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Amanda - advice
Name: Amanda
PhD discipline: German Literature
Area(s) of work: Diplomacy (foreign and commonwealth office)
Year of graduation: 2001
Date of Interview: 03/06/2008

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Amanda gives advice on what to do if you are interested in working for the Foreign Office.

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If you were advising someone doing a PhD who's thinking about pursuing a career in the Foreign Office, what sorts of things would you say to them?

I think to do the research online. You can find out a lot about the Foreign Office through the Foreign Office website and the recruitment processes. It details what's required there. So I think just read all that and if it's something that you're attracted to then go for it, because essentially if you're interested in the work then you'll be good at it. You know if you're interested in analysing issues, if you're interested reading the papers, in kind of international political issues, then the chances are you're a good candidate for the job. If you're doing a PhD chances are you're also someone who's good at analysing and also a certain dedication, a commitment to a task and to something very in depth that's important to you and isn't necessarily important to everybody. You know certain parts of our work are very in depth and you know nobody on the street would ever know or care about it but to you it's important and I think that's very much the feeling you have as a PhD student. Then if all those things apply then have a look and have a go.
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