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Amanda - background to the PhD
Name: Amanda
PhD discipline: German Literature
Area(s) of work: Diplomacy (foreign and commonwealth office)
Year of graduation: 2001
Date of Interview: 03/06/2008

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Amanda outlines the academic career path leading to her PhD.

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Can you tell me when you completed your PhD and how many years it took and what you did it in and the kind of institution that you did it in?

I took five years to do my PhD. It was in the German department at the university I was in. It was a mixture of part time and full time during that period.

How old were you when you started?

Er, 23.

And did you do the bulk of it full time or part time?

A mixture, half and half. About two years maybe part time and three years full time. I started full time and then because of other things I was doing I sort of did a couple of years part time when I knew I'd give less time and then sort of full time.

OK. And how did you fund your study?

I had a scholarship from the university.

And you undertook some part time work later on?

I did some sort of, a mixture of yeah just very casual work, either inside the university, some teaching but also outside the university just some sort of part time stuff.

And did you work beforehand?

No. I did an undergraduate degree and I did a Masters which was also funded and then from that did the PhD. Yeah I mean my undergraduate degree was languages and my Masters was international politics and then back to German again, well German literature for the PhD.

Were they all at the same institution?

No. All different.
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