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Amanda - networking
Name: Amanda
PhD discipline: German Literature
Area(s) of work: Diplomacy (foreign and commonwealth office)
Year of graduation: 2001
Date of Interview: 03/06/2008

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Amanda explains the inside perspective she gained from talking to people with direct experience of the work she was interested in.

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When you decided to apply to the fast stream, did you talk to anybody or network with anybody that would have helped you or encouraged you down that route?

When I had been at university a fellow student's father was actually quite senior in the Foreign Office although I don't know that I really knew that at the time. And I had on holidays or at some point when I met him he had been very encouraging and very supportive. That's just sort of a couple of conversations during undergraduate life. He didn't, you know, I already had the idea and he was certainly very encouraging and just positive on a very broad, general level. And I had a friend which I knew, somebody who'd left after university, somebody who had joined the Foreign Office after university and he was the year above me and had left cos he was very disillusioned because I think it's the whole public sector thing. He didn't like the frustrations of working in a public sector institution and all that comes along with that, and the sort of lack of – what he wanted was much more private sector sort of dynamic business-oriented organisation which is not what you get with the Foreign Office.
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