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Colin - advice
Name: Colin
PhD discipline: Media, Film and English
Area(s) of work: University lecturing - film/media, literature and Irish-studies
Year of graduation: 1990
Date of Interview: 09/06/2008

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Colin talks about the appealing aspects of an academic job.

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Can you think of any advice that you'd give to people who were thinking about going into academia?

Think about why you really, really want to do it. By nature I'm an optimist so I think that people will continue to want to work in a university environment however that university is configured because it is extremely satisfying and pleasurable to talk to, to spend your life talking to people about ideas and things that essentially you're interested in. And also that then puts you in an environment where you are invited to and required to write about those things and that's what gives the satisfaction for me. It's teaching and writing. And I think if you want to do that and you don't want to become a journalist or work in the kind of broader media and you enjoy communicating, usually with younger people, then it's probably still quite a good job and quite a satisfying career.

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