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Lois - advice
Name: Lois
PhD discipline: Archeology
Area(s) of work: University teaching
Year of graduation: 1997
Date of Interview: 08/06/2008

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Lois suggests how to make the most of your opportunities.

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Somebody gave me a really good piece of advice actually, I think it was when I just started on my job but I think it probably could apply to when you are a PhD student within a department, being a member of that department, an active member of that department. And it was: 'the way to ensure your job security is to make yourself indispensable. Do lots of things and make yourself useful to lots of people so you know agree to do that demonstration on how to use access data base or do all those things, take all those opportunities. And then when people come to consider life without you being around maybe they'll think "well actually maybe we need to keep him or her around because they're actually very useful."' That piece of advice was given to me by a very senior member of the university and it's the one piece of advice that has stuck with me.

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