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Russell - PhD experience
Name: Russell
PhD discipline: History
Area(s) of work: BBC archives; university teaching
Year of graduation: 1998
Date of Interview: 02/06/2008

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Russell feels that his PhD was worthwhile because it made an academic career possible, and was enjoyable in itself, though stressful too.

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The PhD experience erm, now I'm really glad for it because very soon into having left university it became very clear I wanted to, this is the kind of life I'd like to have. I like the teaching now, I do like it, I enjoy doing it, I like talking about things I'm interested in and talking about and I like doing my research, I like the environment of a university umm generally. And so the PhD experience was worth that. The PhD experience in itself was in equal measures enjoyable and unenjoyable by about equal measure. It was enjoyable because it was interesting and you're doing what you want to do and you're finding out all this stuff and if you enjoy that process then it's great. It wasn't enjoyable because of the financial worries and the kind of stresses it has on you. So yeah, so I think it is worth it but I think you do need to be very sure of why you're going into it and what you want to get out of it at the end. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody as just a way of passing three years. That would be a very daft way to go into it, I think it's got to be something where you know what you want to do and why you're doing it and where you want to go at the end of it.

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