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Russell - role of a supervisor
Name: Russell
PhD discipline: History
Area(s) of work: BBC archives; university teaching
Year of graduation: 1998
Date of Interview: 02/06/2008

Now Playing: Russell - role of a supervisor
Russell recalls how his supervisor encouraged him to publish articles and helped him to continue teaching after completing his PhD.

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How instrumental was your supervisor in talking to you about careers after the PhD? 

He was pretty good, no he was good and he was always being incredibly encouraging and has always done me references ever since and at the time there wasn't quite as much thought given to it. In the nineties everything was quite changing I think, quite dramatically in terms of academics. More people were doing PhDs, the whole process seemed to be getting more complicated and I think for him he'd done what he'd always done with other students. So he wasn't kind of giving me, you know putting a chalk board up with kind of step one, step two, you must do this, you must do that but he was always very supportive and would kind of say 'perhaps you could do that, turn that chapter into an article, send off to a journal', that kind of stuff, he kind of pushed me gently into certain directions rather than giving me a nine point plan. So yeah, he was helpful but not overtly.

Did he help you get any teaching after the PhD?

Yeah, he kept me on for another couple of terms at the place where I did my PhD so I just kind of, he, one thing he always used to say was applying for jobs it always helps to have headed paper so to have an institution on your application letter is very good and will always at least get you read, you know you won't get scrunched up immediately and put in the bin and he always said that and so he was always very keen that once I'd finished my PhD that I would have a little breathing space in between, I'd have a bit of teaching, I'd have a bit of money coming in, I'd have the headed note paper and I'd also have a bit of time to knock out an article to try and get into a journal and also apply for other positions.

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