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Joanne - PhD topic
Name: Joanne
PhD discipline: History
Area(s) of work: Publishing
Year of graduation: 2002
Date of Interview: 18/06/2008

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Joanne outlines her PhD topic

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If you could tell me a bit about your PhD topic.  

(laughter) My god I haven't talked about that, no one's asked me that, in my job I have to ask people that the whole time but they don't tend to ask me. It was on leisure in 1930s Britain and it was, I was trying to do a kind of Foucaultian analysis of it, looking at kind of discursive constructions of the idea of leisure through mass observation and social research of the time. And then I was looking at how it was spatially constructed and in the end I looked at cinema, particularly Odeon cinemas and a centre called The Pioneer Health Centre in Peckham which was a project set up in the thirties that was trying to provide a kind of centre for health and leisure. 

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