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Joanne - reasons for doing a PhD
Name: Joanne
PhD discipline: History
Area(s) of work: Publishing
Year of graduation: 2002
Date of Interview: 18/06/2008

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Joanne explains her reasons for doing a PhD.

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Can you remember why you did a PhD? 

I loved my MA, I adored my MA and I'd done a course actually before, even before that and I'd always kind of vaguely thought about it but thought about it in a very, you know oh well but I can't do a PhD, kind of way, right from a first year undergraduate. Then I did a course in my third year with the person who became my supervisor which I absolutely adored and I still remember, you know, sitting in one of the classes and thinking 'oh I could just sit in this class forever'. You know (laughter) I just thought it was so exciting and just exactly the kind of history, not that I knew it was out there but it just ticked all the right boxes for me and it was so exciting. And I did an MA with, which was run by the person who'd done this third-year course and became my supervisor and I loved so much my MA and it was so exciting and I really loved that and my, my, the person who was, running the MA was kind of keen for me to do a PhD and that was very flattering. Still through my MA I guess I kind of thought 'well it would be nice but I couldn't possibly do it' and then I applied for the funding and I was doing other things at the time, while I was applying for funding so I got jobs elsewhere doing, I was working at the National Portrait Gallery at the time when my, when I heard that I'd got funding to do my PhD so it was kind of, it was, being really excited about the kind of history I was doing at that time and thengetting, the getting the funding kind of made the decision for me in a way. I think if I hadn't got funding I don't know if I would have gone to do it sort of self-funded or part-time, but getting the funding kind of was another crucial point in deciding.

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