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Joanne - paid work and teaching during the PhD
Name: Joanne
PhD discipline: History
Area(s) of work: Publishing
Year of graduation: 2002
Date of Interview: 18/06/2008

Now Playing: Joanne - paid work and teaching during the PhD
Joanne explains how she funded her PhD with a temporary job.

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Did you do some paid work during your PhD? 

Yes, I did some, I did temping when –  just to help, err, me with, you know paying for things. And I did some teaching that was paid.

And how did you get the teaching? 

It was just sort of part of the university I was at, that people in the second year, you could start teaching. I can't really remember, it was just a sort of thing you could do, I mean I would say I did it sort of more to help fund myself than as career development.

Did you enjoy it? 

I did. I really liked it, I really did like it. You didn't get any kind of training or how to do it and a lot of it was just talking to your peers. I mean you got kind a kind of course outline to follow so you didn't have to sort of worry about that so it was quite a steep learning kerb on how to do it but I really really enjoyed that part of it, yeah.

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