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Victor - did you anticipate an academic career?
Name: Victor
PhD discipline: Archeology
Area(s) of work: Archeology and academic research
Year of graduation: 1999
Date of Interview: 08/06/2008

Now Playing: Victor - did you anticipate an academic career?
Victor talks about the advantages of project work in academia.

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Did you anticipate when you embarked on the PhD that it would be leading you into an academic profession?

I hoped it would. I hoped it would. For me personally, from what I've seen around, I don't think I would like to take on a lectureship. I don't think I would enjoy that. Certainly at the current moment I am enjoying – okay and so they are a short-term contract and not that secure – but I get to do very interesting work. I worked on one project just travelling the whole of the UK and Ireland collecting data for a big overall synthesis of material. I worked with disabled students for just over two years. And now I am working putting together all different artefacts. I had always worked in prehistoric things but now I'm getting the chance to work on material and things from others periods.

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