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Nick - inspiration and influences
Name: Nick
PhD discipline: English Literature
Area(s) of work: civil service; tax consultant; accountancy; film and fiction writing, university teaching
Year of graduation: 1995
Date of Interview: 29/05/2008

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Nick talks about the circumstances and the personal philosophy which influenced his decisions and aspirations.

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Can you think of people who influenced your aspirations or decisions, your actions? 

Can I think of people? Well not no, not in academia. Well in some ways, I mean, I was born and I lived for the first 20 years of my life in a very small coal mining community where you had very few options in life and I thought I don't want that for myself. And then I decided I could see things that I wanted and so I've always been able to – and it took me into my early 30s to realise that having a house in London, pots of money and that kind of thing still didn't satisfy a need or perhaps happiness. I was still single at the age of 36 and living a wonderful life so I've always been quite self-disciplined and self-determined, with an idea that nothing's stopping you from doing what you want. And if somebody had said to me 'did you ever think you would have a film on screened at peak time on Christmas day?' my answer, well - 'I didn't think I wouldn't' and because it's in animation …when I was a kid I loved animation and I thought I'd love to work in it, so when I got the opportunity to do so, I did. And they say 'did you ever think you would work with Oscar nominated film directors and stuff?' and I said 'well, I never thought I wouldn't'. I just thought it might happen. It still might happen, so I've never thought that things can't happen.

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