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Victor - reasons for doing a PhD
Name: Victor
PhD discipline: Archeology
Area(s) of work: Archeology and academic research
Year of graduation: 1999
Date of Interview: 08/06/2008

Now Playing: Victor - reasons for doing a PhD
Victor outlines his motivations for doing a PhD.

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Can we unpack a bit why you decided to do the PhD?

Interesting, although the Masters was very difficult with not having funding I had done a very, very good project. All the projects I had done were fieldwork based. This was looking at megaliths in an area of Scotland and we had ideas to expand that project into a wider area of Scotland taking a much larger area. And there is, I suppose, it is a research instinct, the academic side, you know, 'is this the right thing to do economically, financially?' probably not at the time, but it was just so interesting. And I think I only just got in with the funding – I think I was very lucky because other people heard they had funding a couple of weeks before I did and so I think perhaps I was just below the line but somebody above the line had dropped out which was enough to get me over the line to get my funding. And so I think it was very close.

I'm not sure what I would have done. I think by that point, even though I thought it was going to be hard, that is what I wanted to do – to do all the three degrees, all the way through. I had a very interesting project which was very useful actually when I started the PhD I knew exactly what I was doing from day one.

Did you have family input into the decision?

No, no it has all basically been my own decision. I think the most advice I had was from people in the department especially the professor who supervised my MA and he help me come up with the ideas for the PhD and was going to supervise that. And actually he is the person I worked for on the first postdoc position I had.

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