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Chris - where do you see your career going from here?
Name: Chris
PhD discipline: Languages - Russian
Area(s) of work: Audit; independent writing
Year of graduation: 2005
Date of Interview: 17/06/2008

Now Playing: Chris - where do you see your career going from here?
Chris looks ahead to continuing in a career which allows him to be a professional writer as well.

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Where do you see your own career going in the future? 

I don't know. Stands at a crossroads. I feel that I will continue to work at the National Audit Office if they'll have me. I'd perhaps like to be promoted once more. The reason that I'd like to be promoted once more and not twice more or three times more is because I hope as well in parallel to keep a career going as a writer and beyond the level of audit manager, it becomes harder to sustain a position where you work only nine to five here and therefore it would harder to write. I would like to be successful enough as a writer to have options about whether I continue to work full time, five days a week or not but basically I feel, I feel happy here and I feel that if I can move internally so I am covering new government departments and looking at new areas I would be happy to stay. I don't feel the pressure to move as lots of people do in jobs, you know, been there five years and it's time for a change. And perhaps that's something that's going to be true more of PhD students than other people because I think if you've been a PhD student you do have a commitment to a place and to doing stuff in the long term and not chopping and changing all the time. I feel that that's still very much a possibility in working life, that you don't have to constantly be looking to move again, maybe PhD students find that more traumatic than most people.


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