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Robert - background to the PhD
Name: Robert
PhD discipline: History
Area(s) of work: Academic research support administration
Year of graduation: 2003
Date of Interview: 17/06/2008

Now Playing: Robert - background to the PhD
Robert outlines the circumstances in which he did his PhD.

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Can you tell me, when did you complete your PhD and how many years did it take?

I completed in May 2003 and it took me just under four and a half years, four years and five months. The last five months of it of which were kind of protracted finishing up time really. But four years and a bit.

And how old were you when you started?


Did you do the bulk of it full-time or part-time?

The bulk of it was full-time. It was only that period at the end when I was working at the same time. It wasn't full-time.

And were you funded? 

I was yeah the first year was on a scholarship provided my college, the second and third years were funded by the AHRB as it then was and my fourth year was funded on a fellowship from the Institute of Historical Research.

And did you work at all beforehand?

Not in any – not permanently no, not full time. I'd had jobs you know whilst studying and things like that.

What kind of things had you done?

I had worked in shops, I worked for the Inland Revenue for a little bit but they were all fairly short term things. I went straight through from undergraduate to masters to PhD pretty much.

Were there any significant obstacles that you had to overcome in order to embark on a PhD?

No there weren't, certainly not compared to various other people that I've seen. If I hadn't been funded for it, then I wouldn't have been able to do it but that wasn't really an issue. I mean the family were very supportive and no real problems.

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