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Robert - where do you see your career going from here?
Name: Robert
PhD discipline: History
Area(s) of work: Academic research support administration
Year of graduation: 2003
Date of Interview: 17/06/2008

Now Playing: Robert - where do you see your career going from here?
Robert contemplates the options open to him now, both within the field he works in and beyond it in something more related to his PhD.

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Can you see where your career might go in the future? 

I can see where it could go. I think one option is to continue working in this kind of environment and to actually work my way up in that. And I think certainly a lot of people do that and there are, you know, other options as you climb further up the pole in this. The other option would be to move outside and do something different and having been here where I am now for just over three years I am actually starting to think about that a little bit. I don't feel that there's necessarily any great room for career progression for me within this institution – I do feel that maybe going into a similar but more senior role in another institution might actually be beneficial and might open up other things. While at the same time I've started to look at some other options in, as I said earlier, things like archive work that might actually be more – have more direct relevance to what I did my PhD in, while I'm not actually revisiting academic stuff entirely.

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