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Heather - background to the PhD
Name: Heather
PhD discipline: English Literature
Area(s) of work: Self-employed writer; dyslexia support tutor; tutor in creative writing
Year of graduation: 2002
Date of Interview: 07/05/2008

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Heather recalls how life led to a PhD.

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What was your background before the PhD?  Was it in English?

Well my background was in; I went to art college after university and always wanted to be a visual artist and then realised once I was at art college that I wasn't ready to do that. I didn't want to pursue my creative work through visual art; I wanted to pursue it through books and the written word and kind of developing my ideas in a more intellectual way. So I went actually and did a history degree which used a lot of literature as its source material and then I moved from history into an interdisciplinary course - a Masters in women's studies which used a lot of literature again, and then from there I moved into straight literature. So it was a very interdisciplinary experience academically and that's something I've retained. And the PhD was very interdisciplinary even though it was within an English faculty.

How did you get onto the PhD programme?  Did you continue at the same institution where you did your Masters?

That's right, yes. I continued at the same institution and had the same supervisor for my PhD as had supervised my Masters' thesis so it felt very much like a continuation of previous work in the Masters. 

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