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Helen - how does the desire to have children affect career decisions?
Name: Helen
PhD discipline: Chinese and German
Area(s) of work: International relations and research council work
Year of graduation: 2005
Date of Interview: 17/06/2008

Now Playing: Helen - how does the desire to have children affect career decisions?
Helen discusses tensions between work and family life.

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Has there been any personal trade-off, living in Beijing rather than being based in this country?

Yes, I mean my personal life has been quite complicated because I've been following my desires in terms of work and in terms of finishing my PhD, so at the moment my husband is also an academic and he is in between a UK university and a university in Italy and I have been living apart from him in China for the last year.  

So by pursuing my career that has meant us living apart and we both knew that this would have be temporary and I have given up this job in China now in order to have a baby, so I am having to make compromises career-wise in order to sustain a family life

I hope that at some point this means my husband will also make those compromises and he may come to China with me in future years, I would quite like to work in China, but that will depend on bargaining between the two of us.

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