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Lucy - background to the PhD
Name: Lucy
PhD discipline: Philosophy
Area(s) of work: I.T.; academia
Year of graduation: 2001
Date of Interview: 24/06/2008

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Lucy summarises the obstacles she overcame before beginning her PhD.

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When did you complete your PhD and how many years did it take?

I finished writing it at the end of October 2001 - it actually took two years. I went to Oxbridge in 1998. I had three years funding from the British Academy, I didn't have the usual fourth year because I had already done a Masters at another university and so I had three years funding left. The university I went to wanted me to do their Masters before starting a PhD and so I had three years funding in which to do another Masters and a PhD. The Masters took a year and then I started the PhD on something completely unrelated to the Masters and so I had to do it in two years.

How old were you when you started?


How did you fund your study?

 I got a British Academy grant

And did you work before hand?

The year before I went to the university where I did my PhD, I did bits of teaching at the university I was at previously but I wasn't working fulltime they just found me bits of admin to do as well as the teaching. 

And did you have to overcome any significant obstacles before embarking on your PhD?

Yes I got turned down for funding the previous year. I completed a Masters at the university in the north of England where I was an undergraduate. At the end of that year I had got a place at another university to start a PhD but I didn't get any funding and so I couldn't go. And so I tried to work out why I hadn't got any funding. There was somebody at the university I was at previously who had something to do with the British Academy and so I went and talked to him and he sort of gave me a bit of background and told me a few of the things that might have affected the decision. And it seemed mainly like it was probably related to the research that I wanted to do – it wasn't new and original and exciting enough. And so I completely rewrote that, applied to a different university the following year and was successful that time.

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