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Lucy - career building during the PhD
Name: Lucy
PhD discipline: Philosophy
Area(s) of work: I.T.; academia
Year of graduation: 2001
Date of Interview: 24/06/2008

Now Playing: Lucy - career building during the PhD
Lucy talks about what she did to develop her career whilst studying for a PhD.

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When you were doing your PhD did you do any seminars or did you organise any conferences or attend many conferences and give papers? 

I was a chair of The Graduate Philosophy Seminar and I was the chair of a smaller seminar that had visitors that my college was putting on. That involved more admin. I would occasionally give a paper myself but not that often partly because I was concentrating on getting my thesis finished and partly I suppose of… Yeah I suppose you can do these things if you make yourself but it is very difficult to motivate yourself if you think you are running out of time and so part of it was probably laziness. But, you know, I would say to anyone else: definitely do things like that, it is good to put on your CV that you've done seminar presentations and it is also really good to learn how to respond to people's questions. You know you learn to think on your feet which I still don't think I'm particularly good at but that's the way to learn how to do it – you know – give seminars and have people ask you questions that you haven't thought of and have to answer them or learn how to dodge them.

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