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Lucy - the meaning of the PhD
Name: Lucy
PhD discipline: Philosophy
Area(s) of work: I.T.; academia
Year of graduation: 2001
Date of Interview: 24/06/2008

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Lucy explains what the PhD means to her.

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What does the PhD mean to you?

Oh, I don't know, on a really boring level it is a really necessary qualification if you want an academic career. I mean I have already said that one of my worst habits is starting to research a project and not finishing them and needing to tie them up. I mean, having a PhD is kind of proof that you can finish something, you can be successful at it. This can be a disheartening job because unlike when you were an undergraduate you don't sort of constantly get pats on the head and say this is good, first class, well done. You kind of have to discipline yourself and so you know anything solid that you have built up in the past something like a PhD or a published article or whatever, it is kind of proof to yourself that you have kind of earned your position here and you are kind of worthy of it.

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