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Mark - advice
Name: Mark
PhD discipline: Philosophy
Area(s) of work: NGO; university teaching
Year of graduation: 2006
Date of Interview: 24/06/2008

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Mark offers advice for people interested in working for an NGO.

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If you were advising somebody doing a PhD and they were pretty certain an academic career wasn't for them and they were exploring other options including NGO work, what would you say to them? 

I would say first of all talk to people at university like professors who may have known other people in your position who've then gone on to do some things like that. Some universities actually collect a list their postgraduate leavers destinations so that they can use for publicity, so they might have quite a lot of things to say. The other things would be once you know the areas you want to explore then just search the web, find out the discourse that operates around that because it's not always exactly like an academic discourse. There's a new language to be learnt. There's a way of marketing yourself within that. Also then looking at your CV, pull out the things that you would contribute because this is one of the things that I had to do. Knowing that I hadn't had a lot of business experience and some of the other experiences that other people would have had in the corporate social responsibility world, I had to highlight the things that I would add that other people wouldn't. Part of that was around the academic background. The fact that I'd had a solid training in FX whereas a lot of people who might be FX managers are more just managers who've tacked on some FX training. So basically try to pull out what are the things that you add to a company or an NGO, whatever it is. A lot of it is just information gathering about what kinds of jobs are out there and what are the kinds of things employers would be looking for.

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