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Mark - did you ever think about giving up?
Name: Mark
PhD discipline: Philosophy
Area(s) of work: NGO; university teaching
Year of graduation: 2006
Date of Interview: 24/06/2008

Now Playing: Mark - did you ever think about giving up?
Mark explains why giving up his PhD study was never an option.

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Did you ever consider giving up the PhD? 

Actually, funnily enough I don't think I ever did, even when I knew that it would have been more relevant if I'd picked slightly different topics, something more focused on business ethics. Even when I got to that point, knowing where I wanted to go and knowing that the PhD wasn't directly relevant to it, I still never really lacked motivation. I don't know why because most people I talked to would take weeks out and struggle to get back to it but I just wanted it done basically. I was just absolutely determined that I'd finish this thing.

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