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Mark - reasons for doing a PhD
Name: Mark
PhD discipline: Philosophy
Area(s) of work: NGO; university teaching
Year of graduation: 2006
Date of Interview: 24/06/2008

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Mark explores his reasons for doing a PhD

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Can you remember why you did a PhD?

I remember the moment when I decided that I was going to do it and my topic came to me but I don't think, oddly enough, it wasn't that I had a really strong powerful reason for why I wanted to do it. It was a confluence of things. I had finished a Masters and I had been teaching a little while and I was trying to work out what I was going to do. At the same time I think I came across a scholarship application and I had been switched on to environmentalism and there's just, there was a special moment when it felt really good to be putting time into doing that. I always thought I would do a PhD one day but I thought it would be maybe ten years later. Then suddenly it seemed the right thing to do. 

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