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Name: Sophie
PhD discipline: French
Area(s) of work: Parliament; civil service
Year of graduation: 2004
Date of Interview: 03/06/2008

Sophie - reasons for doing a PhD
Sophie outlines her reasons for doing a PhD

What were your motivations for doing a PhD? 

Mainly personal interest and I still would say the only reason to do a PhD is because you're actually really interested in the subject. In a sense, it was also to do with carrying on carrying on because I finished my degree and I did pretty well and I enjoyed it, so I did a masters and I finished my masters and I did pretty well and I enjoyed it and so I did a PhD. People would ask me if I wanted to go on and carry on in academia. I would say to them, at the time 'Yes, at the moment I think I do.' But people change their minds and I knew people who'd said, 'Yes definitely I'm going to be an academic' and then got to the end of their three years and said, 'I can't stand it anymore, I definitely want to go and do something else.'  So I was quite open-minded about not necessarily carrying on.