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Name: Colin
PhD discipline: Media, Film and English
Area(s) of work: University lecturing - film/media, literature and Irish-studies
Year of graduation: 1990
Date of Interview: 09/06/2008

Colin - what is the university like as an employer?
Colin shares his dissatisfaction with how universities are run in an increasingly corporate manner.

What is the university like as an employer?

I have to say that in this institution, to use the Northern vernacular, 'I'm not best pleased.' I think, increasingly, and this I'm sure is a common story now, I think the university has got its priorities wrong. It's increasingly a corporate environment which doesn't, despite what its rhetoric about staff wellbeing, doesn't actually place staff and students at the centre of what it's about. A lot of money is being spent at this university to increase the buildings, the facilities, but students it seems to me are increasingly being squeezed out of these environments and as I've indicated before regarding staff – decisions are made without proper consultation with staff about what it's like to work in particular buildings, in particular environments, in particular structures, and I think it's bad for morale and I can't understand why people who manage at a senior level at institutions like this, and I don't think this is a particularly unusual institution. I think it's very common. If you went to any other large urban new university this is what we find and it's a particular invidious form of thinking which doesn't appreciate what it actually means to research and to teach.